Previously available only by prescription, Zyrtec was approved for over-the-counter in 2007. Walgreens turned to Marx to create and execute a co-branding campaign to position their 6,000 stores as the place to go to purchase Zyrtec. Shot on film in both standard and HD formats. The 30-second spot began airing in January 2008.
When most people eligible for the Medicare Part D prescription plan had already signed up, this ad targeted those who had not yet transferred to Walgreens for their plan. With prices the same everywhere, "there's no shopping around for price," so "join the millions choosing America's most trusted pharmacy."
Walgreens presented Marx Creative with a challenge — to find a way to present a cobranded message that will encourage consumers to choose Walgreens when purchasing Tylenol products. This commercial is a unique hybrid, that uses real life as the inspiration for highlighting the pain relieving qualities of both Tylenol and other "feel better" products available at Walgreens.
WinnaVegas Casino gave away $100,000 to one lucky winner on April 25, 2009. Marx conceived, wrote and produced 30-second commercials to promote the giveaway. This spot is one of three designed to increase awareness of the casino, and generate new customers.

Marx Creative partnered with the four Ho-Chunk Nation Gaming casinos in Wisconsin to promote The Million Dollar Giveaway to re-establish Ho-Chunk casinos as the place to win big. The results from the giveaway dramatically increased each of the three years the promotion was presented. Casino loyalty card sales doubled, the amount of money spent per customer per visit increased by over 50%, and the casinos' market share increased by more than 25%.

Marx produced a series of original music video TV ads promoting the giveaway, each in a different style: blues, jazz, Motown, country, zydeco, rap, and rock.

Marx's latest (2012) 15-second TV ad for Alva-Amco Pharmacal Companies' Diurex.


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